Users Unable to Open or Create Files from Mapped Drive

  • 7024056
  • 09-Aug-2019
  • 22-Aug-2019


Open Enterprise Server 2018 Linux Support Pack 1 (OES2018 SP1)


From a mapped drive on the client computer, files are able to be listed but not opened or created.  
On the server itself, it's possible to create, open and modify files

While this was happening a LAN trace showed that the files were inaccessible from the client computer


In this case, DST was being used and ShadowFS had been disabled on the server.  There are two possible work-arounds to this problem.
1.) Disable CROSS_PROTOCOL_LOCKS in Remote Manager 
  Go to NCP Services | Manage Server 
  Under CROSS_PROTOCOL_LOCKS set this to 0
2.) Enable shadowfs via the DST settings.
  NOTE:  per engineering, shadowfs has been deprecated and will be removed from the product completely at some point.  Because of this, engineering will not be providing any code fix for this issue.  The fix is to disable cross-protocol locking.

Additional Information

Per the defect:
Steps to reproduce:
1) Have a DST Volume and enable ShadowFS (from NoRM)
2) Access files from client
3) Disable ShadowFS (from NoRM)
4) Access to the files in DST volume from client fails
seen when DST volume with shadowfs disabled.

A work-around is to either turn off cross-protocol locking or turn shadowfs back on.

Other suggested workarounds of restarting ndsd or rebooting the server were NOT successful in restoring file access.