BiDir eDir Changelog Module not working - LDAPInterface.registerDriverInstance() : Exception occured while registration - No Such Attribute

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  • 01-Aug-2019
  • 01-Aug-2019


Identity Manager 4.7
Bidirectional eDirectory Driver


Connected side is not picking up any events for the publisher channel.   The .TAO file is not being created on the connected side server.    Change log Module is installed and dxevent and xclldap show that they are in a running state with ndstrace -c modules.

I following error is seen in the driver trace.
[07/31/19 17:31:37.373]:Bi-directional eDirectory  ids PT:Bi-directional eDirectory  ids: LDAPInterface.registerDriverInstance() : Exception occured while registration - No Such Attribute

Which correlates to this error in the ndstrace.log on  the connected side:

3889575680 LDAP: [2019/07/31 17:31:37.370] DoExtended on connection 0xee8f880
3889575680 LDAP: [2019/07/31 17:31:37.370] DoExtended: Extension Request OID: 2.16.840.1.113719.
3889575680 LDAP: [2019/07/31 17:31:37.371] Sending operation result 16:"":"no such attribute (-603)" to connection 0xee8f880


Extending schema with clschema.sch, per Change Log Module installation instructions resolved the issue.

Extending the Remote eDirectory Schema

Before installing or upgrading to change-log or driver version 402 or later, you need to manually extend the connected remote eDirectory schema to introduce a new attribute DirXMLServerKeys. You must perform an eDirectory heath check to ensure that the tree is ready to accept the new schema.

To extend the clschema.sch schema file, use the ice utility or ndssch.

Example using ice utility:

ice -S SCH -f clschema.sch -D LDAP -s <remote eDirectory server> -d <Admin DN> -w <password>

Example using ndssch:

ndssch -h <hostname[:port]> -t <tree_name> admin.<context> <directory_path>/clsschema.sch


Schema was not extended properly on the connected side, and was missing the DirXML-ServerKeys attribute.