Access Manager : Change the default Tile View Style for IDP Portal

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  • 23-Jul-2019
  • 07-Nov-2019


Access Manager 4.4
Access Manager 4.3
Access Manager 4.2


NAM IDP Portal can use different tile view style to show the bookmarks and applications. Following are the different Tile View Style supported:
  1. Large detail view
  2. Medium detail view
  3. Small detail view (this view is selected as default)
  4. Small icon view
  5. Simple view
Small detail view is always selected as default. User can change the tile view style after log-in to the IDP Portal. But there is no way to change the default view to other view style then Small detail view. This is an issue if a customer wants to use a different tile style view for all of the users in the company.


When user access the IDP Portal, a request similar to URL https://IDPURL:8443/nidp/ospui/EEF3E8C3E6D1A475AE8235B262C684FA.cache.js is made to the IDP server. The name of this cache file can change based on the locale. This particular file contains multiple java scripts including the tile view styles. To change the default value for tile view style:
  1. Go to the folder /opt/novell/nam/idp/webapps/nidp/ospui on the IDP Server
  2. Open the file EEF3E8C3E6D1A475AE8235B262C684FA.cache.js
  3. Find the line com_netiq_ospui_client_model_TileView_DEFAULT = com_netiq_ospui_client_model_TileView_ViewSmallDetailed;
    This line makes the Small detail view as default.
  4. Change this line as following:
  • To make Large detail view as default
com_netiq_ospui_client_model_TileView_DEFAULT = com_netiq_ospui_client_model_TileView_ViewLargeDetailed;

  • To make Medium detail view as default 
com_netiq_ospui_client_model_TileView_DEFAULT = com_netiq_ospui_client_model_TileView_ViewMediumDetailed;
  • To make Small icon view as default
com_netiq_ospui_client_model_TileView_DEFAULT = com_netiq_ospui_client_model_TileView_ViewSmallIcon;
  • To make Simple view as default 
com_netiq_ospui_client_model_TileView_DEFAULT = com_netiq_ospui_client_model_TileView_ViewSimple;

As we are changing the cache file, browser need to refresh the cache to get the new changes.
Access the IDP Portal and you can see a different Tile View Style is set as default.


No configurable option to change the default value of tile view style.