Attachments on mobile device have a .txt extension appended to them

  • 7024021
  • 19-Jul-2019
  • 19-Sep-2019


GroupWise Mobility Service 14
GroupWise Mobility Service 14R2
GroupWise Mobility Service 18
GroupWise Mobility Service 18.1.x


Some attachments synced to mobile device show with an extension of .txt. These attachments are unviewable on the mobile device. On the GroupWise client the attachment comes in as expected.


Maximum Attachment Size (GroupWise to Device) needs to be increased. 

1. Go to Mobility Admin Console
2. Go to the Config Tab > General
3. Modify the "Maximum Attachment Size (GroupWise to Device)" setting so it fits your needs.
4. Restart Mobility services
5. Test once more. Attachments that meet the attachment size criteria will display as expected and will no longer have the .txt extension


Attachments larger  than the allowed Max Attachment Size on the Mobility server have a .txt extension appeneded on them on purpose. This is working as designed.

Additional Information

In the GroupWise agent log the following error can be found when the attachment is larger than the allowed size:
[AttachmentMaxSize] Blocking attachment (attachmentName.extensiom) size: XXXXX. It is larger than the maximum attachment size of XXXXXX.