How to delete obsolete GWEvent container from a GW user database.

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  • 19-Jul-2019
  • 19-Jul-2019


GroupWise 18
GroupWise 2014 R2
GroupWise Mobility Service 18


You had some GMS server which has been uninstalled but you forgot to remove users. This leaves obsolete records in a GW user database and keeps his POA busy trying to deliver his mailbox items to non existing GMS server still. You can see it in a POA log screen as example bellow:

10:04:12 6585 Error with GWEvent notification [8925]:


To remove those obsolete records from all users, you can use mcheck utility that is installed together with GMS 18.
For this step you will need to find out a MAC address of old GMS server. This you can find out in HTTP console of the user PO:
Click on Configuration tab and in Internet Protocol Agent Settings section you can find Event Notification list.
This will list all GW users who were added to that old GMS server. You can recognize old GMS server from old IP address of the server which is listed with the user info. Important part of the info displayed on this screen is in the "Key" column. You would see there similar string like example bellow:


Here, the middle part - C29B6CD5A - is the MAC address of old GMS server. You will need to provide this string in mcheck utility.
The mcheck utility can be found on GMS server under /opt/novell/datasync/tools/mcheck directory.
You can start the Python based utility via:

python mcheck.pyc

From displayed menu choose 2 Users. In next step option 2 Remove Old Event Configurations. After that comes a input prompt to provide MAC address, the string you just found on HTTP console of POA.
After that you will see the utility checking all users ad if they were listing with old event key which had specified MAC address and removing this key from their GW mailboxes.
After that stop/start POAs where are your GMS users and then GMS to see the effect of this process.