Reflection FTP client crashes on load when Symantec DLP is enabled on Windows 10

  • 7024016
  • 18-Jul-2019
  • 08-Aug-2019


Reflection Desktop (including Pro, for X, for IBM, or for UNIX and OpenVMS) 16.0 or higher


The Reflection FTP client will crash on load when Symantec DLP (Data Loss Prevention) is enabled on Windows 10.

The following error message will appear:
        "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000018)"
        "Click OK to close the application"

No events are logged in the Windows Application Event Log for this crash.


To determine if the Symantec DLP (Data Loss Prevention) is causing a problem with the Reflection Desktop components, stop the DLP client.  This can be done by loading the Windows Service Control Panel ( SERVICES.MSC ) and identifying the two services called “EDPA” and “WDP” which are part of the Symantec DLP application.  Most users will not be able to stop the Services directly (which makes some sense, since Symantec DLP is a security product) but it might be possible to set the Services to "Disabled at Startup" and then reboot the PC; which can prevent both of the DLP Services from loading.

It is NOT recommended to permanently disable the Symantec DLP services, but instead the best course of action may be to contact your corporate Symantec DLP administrators and ask them to “whitelist” the Reflection Desktop software, specifically the RFTPC.EXE and the R8WIN.EXE modules or maybe all the files in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Reflection folder.