Walkup printer auditing report shows zero (0) print jobs

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  • 12-Jul-2019
  • 12-Jul-2019


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 3.x
Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 4.x


When enabling auditing on a Walkup iPrint printer, the audit report will show zero (0) as the number of jobs printed, even when jobs were sent to that Walkup printer.


 Working as designed.

Additional Information

The print job statistics within the auditing report will show on the actual iPrint printer and not the Walkup (Virtual) printer.  For example, three of the following printers exist:


A user submits a print job to WalkupPrinter01.  The audit report will show 0 print jobs for WalkupPrinter01.  However, it will show 1 print job for either PrinterA or PrinterB, depending on which printer processed the print job. 

The Walkup printer will always show 0 jobs printed.