OES2018SP1 May Updates delayed until July

  • 7023964
  • 21-Jun-2019
  • 08-Jul-2019


Open Enterprise Server 2018 (OES 2018) Linux
Open Enterprise Server 2018 Service Pack 1 (OES 2018 SP1) Linux


OES patches are normally delivered on a bi-monthly cycle, with a patch expected at the end of May/early June 2019 as part of the bi-monthly cadence, this has been postponed to July.


As part of July update, following patch deliverables can be expected...
Update 2 - OES 2018 SP1 - Recommended
Update 10 - OES 2018 - Recommended
Update 35 - OES 2015 SP1 - Recommended

Additional Information

If you have customer(s) waiting on issues that are included in this planned update, but don't yet have a PTF and need a solution sooner than end of July, do no hesitate to reach out via the OES Customer Care team to request a PTF.