Subsequent LDAP sync with Net Folder creation or User deletion takes long time.

  • 7023956
  • 20-Jun-2019
  • 27-Aug-2019


Micro Focus Filr 4.0


When re-running an LDAP sync where Net Folders need to be created or Users need to be removed, the LDAP sync takes far longer than the initial LDAP sync.  This slow sync problem is even greater when the Home Directory attribute is configured to come across in the synchronization.


Apply the 4.0.1 Filr Patch.


Unneeded additional re-indexing is executed in these scenarios.

Additional Information

Known Issue
With this update applied and with "Synchronize user profiles" enabled, the LDAP sync will also be slow.  Until a fix is released, the workaround is to disable "Synchronize user profiles".  That is done by:
  1. Go to the Filr Administration Console
    • https://<filr server IP or DNS>:8443
  2. Login as the admin account
  3. Click the Admin drop down menu (upper right)
  4. Choose "Administration Console"
  5. Choose LDAP (left list, under the System section)
  6. Click the "User Settings" tab
  7. Uncheck the "Synchronize user profiles" option.