How to use a separate policy to scan email from a certain domain.

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  • 14-Jun-2019
  • 14-Jun-2019


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) 7


Email from a certain domain needs to be scanned differently than other inbound email. How can SMG be configured to use a separate policy for email from a specific domain(s) or IP address.


If a separate policy is needed for email from a specific domain or IP address, then another policy can be set up for this domain or IP. For example, if scanning needs to be prevented for a specific email server, then do the following:

1. Under Organization / Policy Management | Policy Management click on Add new and give the policy a name. Save changes.

2. The new policy needs to be set at a higher priority. To do this, move the new policy above the existing Inbound Mail Filter Policy.

3. Open the new policy and check the box next to either 'Limit by source address' or 'Limit by sender IP address'. Add the full email address or domain including wildcard, ie: * If using  'limit by sender IP address' then add the IP. See below for examples:


4. Save changes.

5. Under Policy scan configuration, click on the new policy to configure it.

6. Under Filters drag down the 'Message Received' node to the Workbench.

7. From the 'Message Received' node on the workbench, drag the orange dot (for services) to a white space on the left of that node and let go. A list of options will appear, choose Statistics Recorder. Repeat this and choose Message Tracker also.

8. Add any other Filters as well as the services, such as block and quarantine, if any more are desired.

9. Save changes.

Messages from the domain or IP that was specified should now only get scanned by this new policy.