The Events that can be captured during the end user accesses to the landing page.

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  • 13-Jun-2019
  • 13-Jun-2019


Access Manager 4.4
Access Manager 4.3
Access Manager 4.2
Access Manager 4.1


The events need to be forwarded to external systems for various activities like auditing, action to be taken on an event or combination of events, etc.
Troubleshooting Access, Authentication, Authorization issues


The List of events that are captured are given below:

1 Login Provided 
2 Login Provided Failure
3 Login Consumed
4 Login Consumed Failure Generated
5 Logout Provided Generated
6 Logout Local
7 Federation Request Sent
8 Federation Request Handled
9 Defederation Request Sent
10 Defederation Request Handled
11 Register Name Request Handled
12 Attribute Query Request Handled.
13 Web Service Query Handled 
14 Web Service Modify Handled
15 User Account Provisioned
16 User Account Provisioned Failure
17 LDAP Connection Lost Generated
18 Server Started Generated
19 Server Stopped Generated
20 Server Refreshed Generated
21 Intruder Lockout Detected Generated
22 Component Log Severe Messages 
23 Component Log Warning Messages
24 Brokering Across Groups Denied
25 Brokering Rule Evaluated to Deny
26 Brokering Handled
27 WebService Request Authenticated
28 WebService Request Authentication Failed
29 Token Was Issued To WebService
30 Token Issue To WebService Failed
31 Token Was Validated To A WebService
32 Token Validation To WebService Failed
33 Token Renewed
34 Token Renew Failed
35 Risk-Based Authentication Succeeded
36 Risk-Based Authentication Failed
37 Risk-Based Authentication Action Invoked
38 Risk-based Pre-authentication Succeeded
39 Risk-based Pre-authentication Failed
40 Risk-based Pre-authentication Action Invoked
41 Risk-based IP List Load From Datasource Failed
42 Risk-based Device Fingerprint Rule Created
43 Risk-based Device Fingerprint Rule Match Failed
44 OAuth & OpenID Token Issued
45 OAuth & OpenID Token Issue Failed
46 OAuth Consent Provided
47 OAuth Consent Revoked
48 OAuth Client Applications
49 OAuth & OpenID Token Validation Success
50 OAuth & OpenID Token Validation Failed
51 OAuth Refresh Token Revocation Success
52 OAuth Refresh Token Revocation Failed
53 Authorization Code from AA Server
54 Access Token from AA Server
55 Session Assurance Device Fingerprint Match Failed
56 Impersonation Sign-in
57 Impersonation Sign-out
58 Impersonation Requested
59 Impersonation Denied by Impersonatee
60 Impersonation Approved by Impersonatee
61 Impersonation Policy Failed 
62 Federation Step-up
63 IP address **

**Identity Server records the IP address of the client machine from where authentication requests originate into audit events. If the client machine is behind a proxy, then proxy IP address is logged. To log the actual client machine IP address instead of the proxy IP address, configure the RemoteIpValve in the Tomcat configuration file (server.xml) on all Identity Server instances. The server.xml file is located at /opt/novell/nam/idp/conf/server.xml (Linux) and //Program File x(86)/Novell/Tomcat/conf/server.xml (Windows).