End Users must be allowed to view only the applications they have permissions to use.

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  • 13-Jun-2019
  • 13-Jun-2019


Access Manager 4.4
Access Manager 4.3
Access Manager 4.2
Access Manager 4.1
Access Manager 4.0


The end user should be only able to see the applications that they have access/ permission. 
Some users cannot launch the applications that are visible under the User Portal page


Appmarks offer significant flexibility, enabling you to customize your users’ experience using different view options and variables. The Administrator can decide whether the application needs to be launched in a desktop browser or on a supported mobile device, or both. The Administrator has to create an Appmark for each application under the Administration Console Dashboard.

If there is a requirement to restrict the view of applications that the end user can see after they login to the User Portal page, Appmarks have to be associated to Roles.  

If you do not select a role, all users can see the Appmark's on the User Portal page. However, the user will need rights to the applications to access them, even if they are published for the user.  

Additional Information

If you want users to use the mobile apps, you must first configure MobileAccess. When you configure an Appmark, you specify whether you want the application to launch in a desktop browser or on a supported mobile device, or both.