How to change the port that QMS uses in SMG

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  • 12-Jun-2019
  • 12-Jun-2019


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) 7


What needs to be done to change the port the QMS uses, for releasing messages, adding to whitelists/blacklists from the digest?


SMG uses port 80 by default, if a different port is needed, that can be changed by doing the following:

1. From a prompt on the SMG server, switch to root access by typing: sudo su

2. Type in the password for the gwava user

3. Change directories to /etc/apache2, by typing: cd /etc/apache2

4. Edit ports.conf by typing: vi ports.conf

5. Hit the INSERT key

6. Add a line to enable listening on port 49285 (or the desired port) by typing: Listen 49285 below the line that has: Listen 80. See example:


7. Save the changes by hitting ESC, type :wq

8. Edit apache2.conf by typing: vi apache2.conf

9. Hit the INSERT key

10. Add this section to the bottom of the file (change 49285 to the desired port):

<VirtualHost *:49285>

        <Directory /opt/gwava/qms/http/>
                Options FollowSymLinks
                AllowOverride all
                Require all granted


11. Save the changes by hitting ESC, type :wq

12. Restart apache by typing: service apache2 restart

13. Configure QMS to use the new port by logging in to the QMS | Digest | Settings | Custom digest action address and add the server and port. For example: http://hostname:49285 or http://serverIP:49285

14. Save changes.

Releasing, blacklisting, and whitelisting from the digests should now be work on the desired port that was set up, for  this example it was 49285.