iPrint Appliance 4.0 fails in miggui precheck phase

  • 7023931
  • 12-Jun-2019
  • 06-Aug-2019


iPrint Appliance 4.0


When trying to migrate printers from an OES server to the iPrint Appliance 4.0 using miggui, the following error is found within the precheck phase:

FATAL - IPRINT:/opt/novell/bin/iprintmig:Fatal(13): Unable to get source XML data from server: 500 SSL_verify_mode must be a number and not a string

/var/opt/novell/migration/<Project Name>/log/iprint.log


Apply iPrint Appliance Patch 2 to put the appliance at version 4.0.2.


A bug in the miggui code.