Blue Spinning Circle before Windows Logon Screen if ZCM Agent is installed as part of Scripted Windows install

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  • 06-Jun-2019
  • 06-Jun-2019


ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Imaging


Scripted Windows 10 1809 install completes and reboots successfully to the Windows logon prompt when the ZCM agent is not included as part of the Scripted Image.When the ZCM Agent is added as part of the scripted image, Windows hangs with blue spinning circles before the logon screen.


Prior to installing the ZCM Agent as part of the imaging script.....
Set the following keys to prevent the ZISD Service from running SID Changer:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"ZISWin Do Not Restore Mask"=dword:00000020
"ZISWin Sysprep Restore Mask"=dword:00000020
Setting the keys above will instruct the ZENworks Information Safe Data Service from not trying to update the Window's SID upon next device boot.
Note: Updating the Windows SID is not a requirement for Scripted Installs or Images properly sealed with SYSPREP. 
Hint: Images sealed with SYSPREP, along with applying the registry keys above, create the hidden restoremask.xml on the root of the C: Drive (a.k.a. "system drive")


Under certain conditions, Windows 10 may behave unexpectedly after a SID Change.

Additional Information

Important: The Blue Spinning Circle of Death after an Image Restore can have a wide array of root causes. 
This is a common occurrence using native Windows imaging without any use of ZCM.
This TID is not designed to troubleshoot all possible causes of this issue, only a single specific cause that can be ZCM specific.