What's New in GroupWise Disaster Recovery 18.1

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  • 29-May-2019
  • 21-Jun-2019


GroupWise Disaster Recovery (Reload for GroupWise) 18.1


What's new in GroupWise Disaster Recovery (Reload for GroupWise) 18.1

Release Notes and Change Notices


1. WEB UI Update
  • More modern, updated WEB UI. 
  • New Icons
  • Updated Tooltips
  • Moved the Help Pages, Download Logs, License, Collector Configuration, DR Plan and What's New! options to an updated, more modern design. 
  • Added Tabs to increase efficiency of navigation. 
2. SLES 15 Support
  • GroupWise Disaster Recovery is fully supported on SLES 15
3. Migrated Several Settings from Administration Console to WEB UI
  • Added the ability to change schedules to all days on the WEB UI
  • Moved Advanced Configuration settings to the WEB UI
*Profile Creation, Disaster Recovery Failback, and Starting Advanced Jobs settings will be added to the WEB UI at a later version. 

4. Bug Fixes
  • For additional details on bugs that were fixed in GWDR 18.1 please go to the Release Notes in the documentation.