Database errors after re-registering Manager to new framework

  • 7023904
  • 28-May-2019
  • 18-Jun-2019


Privileged Account Manager


A previously registered Manager has been re-registered to a different or new framework.

The following errors may be seen in the unifid.log:

Info, Db audit.ldb - SQL Error, database disk image is malformed
Error, Error recording audit data (failed to update /opt/netiq/npum/service/local/audit/log.msq.chngmgnt) 175011[database disk image is malformed]
Error, Failed to load audit messages
Info, Db audit.ldb - SQL Error, PRIMARY KEY must be unique


To appropriately re-register a previously registered Manager with a new or different framework, please ensure to first delete the host from the previous framework before attempting to register with the new framework. Otherwise managers and agents from the previous framework will keep attempting to contact this server in the background for various operations.

In this case, the Manager has been registered to a different framework before being deleted from the previous framework. To resolve, please delete this host from both frameworks, re-install the Manager completely and then proceed to register it to the preferred framework.


Various operations from the previous framework are still attempting to be processed by the manager after being re-registered to the new framework.