Azure AD Driver - DeltaLink older than 30 days is not supported.

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  • 14-May-2019
  • 14-May-2019


Identity Manager 4.x
Identity Manager Azure Driver


Receiving the folloiwing error in the publisher channel of the Azure Driver.

[05/09/19 11:07:50.012]:Azure AD Driver :Azure AD Driver_Azure: Polling failed for class users{"odata.error":{"code":"Request_UnsupportedQuery","message":{"lang":"en
","value":"DeltaLink older than 30 days is not supported."}}}


Delete the Driver Storage


Reset the Publish State files by performing the following steps.

1.  Stop the Azure Active Directory Driver
2.  Delete the Dirxml-DriverStorage attribute on the driver object in the Identity Vault.
3.  If the driver is remotely loaded, delete the state file from the Remote Loader server.
4.  Set the driver to Manual or Automatic startup.
5.  Start the driver.

See Section 8.3 Restoring the Driver to Current State, in the NetIQ Office 365 and Azure Active Directory Driver Implementation Guide