Filr Desktop login error: The server is not a Micro Focus Filr server.

  • 7023871
  • 13-May-2019
  • 25-Sep-2020


Filr 4.0 Windows desktop application


After replacing a Filr server with a new Filr installation (the new Filr installation has the same IP address and same DNS name as the previous one), the following error is presented to end users when attempting to login with the Filr Desktop Client:
The server is not a Micro Focus Filr server. Please check the server URL or contact your system administrator.


Note: This issue is under investigation. While the following 3 suggestions are not fully understood at the moment, each has been known to get past the error in some cases. It is currently not known which suggestion is more effective or which suggestion will work in which circumstances.
  • Suggestion 1: Alter the URL
    • Right-click the Filr system tray icon
      • Windows task bar to the far right
    • Choose Open Filr console
    • Within the Server URL: field, change the end of the URL by adding :8443, removing :8443, or trying :443.  
    • Attempt the login.
  • Suggestion 2: Remove the accepted certificate
    • Hit the Windows Key on the keyboard
    • Type MMC and hit ENTER
    • Click File -> Add/Remove Snapin...
    • Highlight Certificates in the left Available Snapins: column and click the Add > button.
      • If prompted, click Finish
      • Click OK
    • Within the left pane, drill down to Certificates -> Enterprise Trust -> Certificates
    • Right-click the Filr certificate and choose Delete.
      • Click Yes to the Permanently delete the selected certificate? prompt
    • Close MMC
    • Attempt the login.
  • Suggestion 3: Replace the Self-signed certificate
  • Note: This suggestion applies to servers which have the default self-signed certificate installed.
    • Paste the following string of commands into a terminal session (putty or other tool):
      • rcfilr stop;rcnovell-jetty stop;mv /vastorage/conf/certs/keystore /vastorage/conf/certs/keystore-backup;mv /vastorage/conf/certs/keystore.db /vastorage/conf/certs/keystore.backup;wget -P /tmp;chmod +x /tmp/;/tmp/;rcfilr start
    • The above commands refresh the default certificate. When accessing Filr via a browser, you will be prompted to accept the certificate. Also, when logging in with the Filr Desktop client, you may be prompted to Continue when the certificate is presented as not trusted.