How to change the Java Runtime Environment from Oracle to Azul Zulu JRE

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  • 10-May-2019
  • 22-May-2019


Reflection PKI Services Manager 1.3 SP2 (1.3.2) and higher
Zulu Java Version 8 for Windows, Java Runtime Environment 8.0.212
Zulu Java Version 8 for Linux and UNIX, Java Runtime Environment 8.0.212


Reflection PKI Services Manager (PKID) installs its own Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and uses this installed JRE by default. Enterprises that want to stop using Oracle Java that is installed with PKID can use the configuration steps in this note instead to use Azulu's free Zulu JRE.  This note provides configuration steps for use with PKID running on Windows, Linux and UNIX.


A. Configuring PKID on Windows

Important Note: The 32-bit Zulu JRE is needed because PKID loads jvm.dll from a 32-bit executable. It will crash if you attempt to use a 64-bit JRE.

1. Install PKID.
2. Start the Micro Focus PKI Services Manager Service using Services (Local).  This creates the Micro Focus PKI Services Registry Key Reflection PKI.   Leave Services open for use in step.
3. Download the Zulu 32-bit JRE version 8 from
    a. Select a Version of Java, choose 8.
    b. Download the JRE Server Client pakcage 8u212 that includes the Client, 10.8.187, 32-bit x86. 
    c. The downloaded package name is
4. Extract the JRE and copy it to an accessible location such as c:\Program Files <x86>\Zulu.
5. Stop the Micro Focus PKI Services Manager Service using Services (Local).
6. Open regedit and backup the Windows registry. 
7. Navigate to the Windows registry key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Attachmate\ReflectionPKI.
8. Create setting string value JvmPath = C:\Program Files <x86>\Zulu\jre8.0.212-win_i686\bin\client.
9. Start the Micro Focus PKI Services Manager using Services (Local).
10. Start the PKI Services Manager console.
11. The PKI Services console log can be used to verify that the JVM version has changed.  Console.log is in ProgramData\Attachmate\ReflectionPKI\logs.  Look for version  JVM version: 1.8.0_212 (build 1.8.0_212-b04).

B. Configuring on Linux or UNIX

1. Install PKID.
2. Download the Zulu 64-bit JRE version 8, e.g,. zulu8.38.0.13-ca-jre8.0.212-linux_x64, from
3. Extract the JRE and copy it to an accessible location, such as /opt/attachmate/pkid/.
4. Edit the file /etc/pkid.conf, and set PKID_JVM_PATH=full-path-to/, e.g., /opt/attachmate/pkid/zulu8.38.0.13-ca-jre8.0.212-linux_x64/lib/amd64/server/ Save the pkid.conf file.
5.  From a console running as su, execute /etc/init.d/pkid stop, then /etc/init.d/pkid start. Verify that the server starts, and continues to run.
6. Verify the JVM version change by looking in /opt/attachmate/pkid/logs. Look for version 1.8.0_212.

Note: /etc/init.d/pkid stop seems to fail, as does restart. But start is successful, and status indicates the server is running when it is supposed to be running.