After upgrade to Filr 4, users and files are missing

  • 7023833
  • 22-Apr-2019
  • 09-May-2019


Filr 4.0


After an apparently successful upgrade from Filr 3.4 to Filr 4.0:
  • User accounts disappeared, and users can no longer see shared or personal files using any client. 
  • A new folder created after the upgrade appears in the web and desktop clients, but still none of the existing files are visible.  
  • Performing a a synchronization of the Net Folders appears to have been successful, but the files are still not available.


Re-index the search index
  1. Open the port 8443 interface to the Filr 4.0 Filr appliance and login as admin.
  2. Open the Administration Console
  3. Open the “Search Index” item in the left navigation panel
  4. Check the “Re-Index Everything” box, and click OK


Re-indexing is a required step after upgrading from Filr 3.4 to Filr 4. See documentation for upgrading the large Filr deployment or upgrading the all-in one (small) Filr deployment.