What's New in GroupWise Disaster Recovery 18.0

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  • 09-Apr-2019
  • 11-Apr-2019


GroupWise Disaster Recovery (Reload for GroupWise) 18.0


What's new in GroupWise Disaster Recovery (Reload for GroupWise) 18.0 

Release Notes and Change Notices


1. Rebrand
  • Name of software has been changed from Reload to GroupWise Disaster Recovery (GWDR).
  • Logos, banners, and colors have been changed to meet the standards of Micro Focus. 
2. GroupWise Update
  • GWDR now supports GroupWise 18 with full functionality of backing up the system, as well as all components necessary to restore the data in case of a disaster.
3. SSL and Security Patches
  • 3rd Party SSL certificates can now be applied to GWDR to allow a secure connection into the Web User Interface
    • Implementing the SSL certificate can be done during an initial install of GWDR. Be sure the .crt and matching .key file are on the GWDR server and readily accessible. At the same time, a .crt and .key file can be uploaded into the existing Web UI by going into Configure and into Web Administration & System Preferences. Be sure to enable the HTTPS/SSL Web Administration after applying the Certificate and Key files. 
    • By default HTTPS will be forced for upgrades and new installs of GWDR. This can be disabled in the Configure | Web Administration & System Preferences if needed. 
  • Additional security patches have been added to GWDR to meet software security standards

                    REL-110 - Security Update: Fixed Remote Command Execution

                    REL-111 - Security Update: Fixed To Not Allow Arbitrary File Uploads

                    REL-112 - Security Update: Fixed To Only Download Files via HTTPS

                    REL-113 - Security Update: Fixed Prevention of Cross Site Request Forgery Attacks

                    REL-114 - Security Update: Fixed Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

                    REL-115 - Security Update: Updated version of OpenSSL

                    REL-116 - Security Update: Fixed Not Having Source Code Being Dumped in Browser When an Error in the Software Occurs

                    REL-117 - Security Update: Fixed Cookies Set by Application to be Marked as HTTPS instead of HTTP

                    REL-118 - Security Update: Fixed Missing HTTP Security Protection Measures in Browser.

4. Bug Fixes
  • For additional details on bugs that were fixed in GWDR 18 please go to the Release Notes in the documentation.