WebAccess will not load when running on SLES12SP4

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  • 09-Apr-2019
  • 10-Apr-2019


GroupWise 2014 R2


With a server that is upgraded to, or a newly installed server with, SLES12SP4 GroupWise 14.2.x WebAccess will not load.  The directories necessary for log files for WebAccess are never created nor do the logs get created in any other location.  There are also no error messages in the messages.txt file that will point to what the problem is.


Unfortunately GroupWise 14.2.x WebAccess needs to run on a SLES12SP3 server.  The resolution for this issue is to run WebAccess on a SLES12SP3 server.


SLES12SP4 upgrades the version of tomcat to v9 automatically.  GroupWise 14.2.x WebAccess will only work, and is only supported, running with tomcat v8.