How to move NFS /vashare data to another server

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  • 21-Mar-2019
  • 21-Mar-2019


Micro Focus Filr 3.x


You have a Filr clustered large deployment where the My Files are stored on a remote NFS mount point.  You want to move that NFS mount point to a different server.  What are the steps to accomplish that?


  1. Create a new NFS export on another server. 
    • Follow the documentation for Exporting an NFS Directory for the /vashare Mount Point
    • Some key steps within the documentation to be aware of are:
      • Enable NFSv4 is not selected - i.e. NFS v4 is disabled
      • Leave the asterisk (*) in the Host Wild Card field.
      • Click the Options field to edit it and change the following options:
        • ro to rw (read-only to read-write)
        • root_squash to no_root_squash
  2. Stop the Filr service on all Filr nodes and disable the service from starting automatically.
    • This is accomplished within https://<FilrAddress>:9443 choose System Services.  Highlight Novell Filr.  Choose Action (to stop) and Options (to disable the service from starting automatically).
  3. Copy the data to the new vashare location.
    • Ensure all the files and folders exist in the same way and that the rights are the same.
      • One way to ensure all the data exists in the same way is to export a listing of the folders and files to a file on both the original and new mount points.  Then, compare/contrast the files and folders, along with their permissions and ownerships.  An example command to create those text files are:
        • cd to the exported directory and use a command similar to this:
          • ll -R > /tmp/NFS-original.txt
        • Then do the same on the new NFS exported directory where the files have been copied to:
          • ll -R > /tmp/NFS-newLocation.txt
        • There are several tools which are good at comparing text files (NFS-original.txt and NFS-newLocation.txt. 
          • On Linux, there is vimdiff.
          • If you copy the files to a Windows machine, there is a free application call KDiff3.
      • Note that all the files and folders are owned by the user wwwrun (30) and the group www (8).
      • An example command to set the files and folders to the proper ownership is:
        • chown -R wwwrun.www /shared
  4. Make a back up of both the /etc/fstab and /etc/sysconfig/novell/NvlVAinit files on the Filr server(s)
  5. Update the /etc/fstab and /etc/sysconfig/novell/NvlVAinit files on the Filr server(s) to reflect the new vashare address and location.
    • Search these files for any reference to the old server and change them on the new server.  See the Additional Information section of this document for further instructions.
  6. Regenerate the /vastorage/conf/ by restarting the Filr node(s).
  7. After the Filr server comes up, verify the new vashare is mounted and shows as read-write by issuing the mount command.
  8. Start the Filr service and set it to start as automatic (see Step 2 to find those options).

Additional Information

When modifying the /etc/sysconfig/novell/NvlVAinit file, take note of these lines:

CONFIG_VAINIT_DEVICE_STORAGE="type:uninitialized drive:sdb size:16.00G format:xfs"