Installing XDialog - Graphical Log Viewer

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  • 19-Mar-2019
  • 19-Mar-2019


GroupWise Disaster Recovery (Reload for GroupWise) 


Logs can be viewed in a Graphical Log viewer instead of in a terminal when the software package called "Xdialog" is installed. The Graphical Log Viewer is a friendlier interface for those who prefer a Graphical Interface.


The Xdialog software package uses a GPL License, which means that it cannot be distributed with a commercial software package. Because of this, the Xdialog RPM must be manually downloaded and installed in order to have the option to view logs in a Graphical Log Viewer. When the GroupWise Disaster Recovery RPM is installed or the Install utility is run the installation requests that the Daemon try to install the Xdialog utility and install it. However, this action can fail if the Daemon determines that the server cannot connect to the Internet.

To install the Xdialog software package do the following: 

( Installation Utility Method )

1. Run the Installation Utility in a terminal session with the command line switch "-x", 
Navigate to the cd /opt/beginfinite/reload 
Run the command: ./install -x

This will attempt to install the Xdialog RPM file. 

If the server cannot get access to the Internet on the standard HTTP port, which is port 80, then this method will fail.

If the server can access the Internet and download the above-mentioned RPM, then the RPM will be downloaded, and installed.

( Manual Installation Method )

1. Download the Xdialog software package from the Internet. A good place to download the Xdialog software package is at  the web site "Freshmeat". The URL for the Xdialog project, at the time that this help file was written is:

2. Once the above-mentioned RPM file is saved on this Linux server then install it. To install the Xdialog package from a terminal session type in the following command (assuming you are in the directory where the *.rpm file is located): rpm -ivh Xdialog-2.1.2-1.i386.rpm

When the Xdialog utility is installed, a new menu option will become available in the Logs Menu that allows the preferred  logging interface to either be Text or Graphical.