Deleting a Profile - Check Mount Before Removing Profile

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  • 19-Mar-2019
  • 19-Mar-2019


GroupWise Disaster Recovery (Reload for GroupWise


Before deleting a profile in GroupWise Disaster Recovery (GWDR) check the mounts prior. Failure to do so could result in loss of live GroupWise data.  


Before deleting anything on the GroupWise Disaster Recovery (GWDR) server, make sure it is not mounted to any of your live servers. The GroupWise Disaster Recovery server acts as a client to the live servers, so it could mistakenly delete a GroupWise post office or other live data on the server if it is mounted to the live server. This is also a reason why it is not recommended to create a permanent NFS mount on the GWDR, instead GWDR will create a temporary mount automatically when it runs a job.   

Use the "mount" command to see what servers the GroupWise Disaster
Recovery server has a mount point (like a drive mapping) to.

The command to unmount a mount point is: umount <mounted path>

Example 1: umount /mnt/reload/profiles/post1

Example 2: umount /mnt/reload/profiles/post2