How does search criteria within DRA affect performance?

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  • 11-Mar-2019
  • 19-Mar-2019


Directory and Resource Administrator 9.x


Why is DRA slow to return search results?
What happens if DRA search results return non cached attributes?


When searching for objects within DRA, pay attention to the BOTH the search criteria and the displayed columns.

If searching for ALL objects, consider not displaying the object’s Email address or Employee ID
If searching for ALL computer objects, consider not displaying the object’s Email address or Employee ID
If the search results must display an object’s Email address or Employee ID, consider searching for ONLY users, groups, contacts; or a combination of those three object types.


When returning a list of results, DRA must run a query to obtain the value for each column displayed. This query is a different query than the actual search. The value for each column displayed on the search results will come from the DRA Cache or Live AD; depending on the column selections. Returning an attribute value from the cache is considerably faster than returning a value from live AD.  The DRA Web UI (DRA 9.1 and newer) will provide a warning message for any non-cached attributes. This warning, along with a list of non-cached attributes. The Account and Resource Management Console will not display a warning.

Additional Information

Future releases of DRA, after DRA 9.2.x are scheduled to update the behavior described within this KB.

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