"Installation Failure" message when installing Client for OES with ZENworks bundle

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  • 05-Mar-2019
  • 06-Mar-2019


Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4
ZENworks Configuration Management
ZENworks Software Distribution


When using a ZENworks Software Distribution bundle to install Client for OES, the installation can appear to fail, when the user sees a ZENworks error such as "Installation Failure". The Client for OES installation was actually successful, but the return code was not what ZENworks expected to see to reflect that condition.


When launched successfully, some applications (such as Client for OES, in this case) will generate a "non-zero" return code. Normally this indicates an error or failure, which is why ZCM reports a failure.
To resolve the problem, in the installation bundle under "Launch Executable", find the field "Success Return Codes:"
Enter in the successful return codes here and an error will no longer be indicated when the executable returns one of those codes. Setting the value to "*" (asterisk) will allow all return codes to be seen as reflecting success.


Client for OES is returning a non-zero success code.