*No Trusted Application records found to use for SOAP connection error in GW admin console

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  • 14-Feb-2019
  • 25-Jun-2019


GroupWise 18


When trying to use the User Mailbox feature under the user object, getting error:
*No Trusted Application records found to use for SOAP connection 


In the GroupWise admin console go to System | Licensing | and click on "Check Now"

That will create the Trusted App called "GROUPWISE MAILBOX MANAGEMENT" in System | Trusted Apps.


If the License is an Enterprise Messaging license or if the GWAVA Mailbox Management addon License exists the Mailbox Management will try to use SOAP to access the user's mailbox information. As part of that access a Trusted App record is needed and one should be created automatically when the License gets updated. This is not happening.

This has been reported to engineering.

Additional Information

This has been fixed in the GroupWise 18.1.1 release

Release notes bug fixes: