Best practice on running the 18.1 DVA

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  • 13-Feb-2019
  • 26-Feb-2019


GroupWise 18.1


What is the best configuration for the DVA in GroupWise 18.1?


The GroupWise DVA was designed to serve requests from POA and WebAccess since GW 2012.  The DVA is not required to run on the same server of POA nor WebAccess.  It can be used to serve one agent or multiple agents based on system configuration and system load.  The files are transported between agents using HTTP.  Since the GW2018 SP1,  DVA has replaced the Stellent Document Viewer with the Keyview technology to handle the document conversion. The Keyview takes more resources to handle the conversion of documents into HTML.  So it is our recommended practice to run a DVA or DVAs on a lesser busy server, such as the WebAccess server or MTA server.  POA is normally the busiest agent among all the GroupWise agents.