How to view Vibe user subscriptions

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  • 08-Feb-2019
  • 09-Feb-2019


Vibe 4.0.3
MySQL database server


How to view User Subscriptions such as Folders.
These steps will explain how an admin can view what folders their users are subscribed to.
The steps can be modified slightly depending on the type of database.


  1. Open a terminal as root to the Vibe Database server.

  2. Login to the database. For a MySQL example:
    mysql -uroot -p
    Note: Input password at prompt.
    Note: Please consult the database provider's documentation on how to login if using another type of database.

  3. Enter the following in the database prompt:
    use sitescape;

  4. Enter one of the following queries:

    • (Option 1) Display all users and what they are subscribed to:

      SELECT s.principalid AS "User ID", 
             p.NAME        AS "User Login Name",
             s.entityid    AS "Folder ID",
             f.pathname    AS "Folder Path"
      FROM   SS_Subscriptions s,
             SS_Principals p,
             SS_Forums f
      WHERE  s.entitytype = 2
             AND s.principalid =
             AND s.entityid =
      ORDER  BY s.principalid;

    • (Option 2) Display everything a specific user is subscribed to:

      SELECT s.principalid AS "User ID", 
             p.NAME        AS "User Login Name", 
             s.entityid    AS "Folder ID", 
             f.pathname    AS "Folder Path" 
      FROM   SS_Subscriptions s, 
             SS_Principals p, 
             SS_Forums f 
      WHERE  p.NAME = 'user1' 
             AND s.entitytype = 2 
             AND s.principalid = 
             AND s.entityid = 
      ORDER  BY s.principalid;

      Note: Replace 'user1' with a proper username.

  5. Type 'exit' to exit the database.