After restoring Sentinel the elasticsearch fails to come up

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  • 06-Feb-2019
  • 07-Feb-2019


Sentinel 8.2 


Elastic Search does not come up. Also no SI dashboards are present in the UI after the restore.


Change the IP address in the elasticsearch.yml file to the IP address of the destination Sentinel server and restart SIDB, ES service comes up.  Reopen the Sentinel WebUI to confirm that the  SI dashboards start showing up.


1. go to /etc/opt/novell/sentinel/3rdparty/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml 

2. Make a copy of the elasticsearch.yml file
3. edit line [<ip address of the sentinel server> ,] to match the ip address of the source Sentinel server.

4. Save and close the file.
Note: confirm that the permissions have not changed.

5. go to /opt/novell/sentinel/bin

6. su novell

7. ./ restart


The elasticsearch.yml file has the entry: [<ip address of the sentinel server> ,]

While restoring, the IP address of the source server gets copied to the destination server's elasticsearch.yml file.