Access Manager Console Installation or upgrade on Linux fails on installing iManager

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  • 01-Feb-2019
  • 01-Feb-2019


  • Access Manager 4.4
  • Access Manager 4.4.1
  • Access Manager 4.4.2
  • Access Manager 4.4.3


Access Manager Service Pack 4.4.3 returns: "su: Authentication failure" while trying to install the iManager Component


It is not possible to repair or recover from a half installed Access Manager Console. Therefore a complete uninstall is required. Note: You have to have a valid backup either created using the tool or having a valid snapshot of the system in place. Immediately restoring the a snapshot would be the easiest solution.

If you are not able to disable the "su" hardening you can modify the "novell-access-manager-[%Version%]/scripts" install script and replace any "su novlwww -c" with "su - novlwww"


The OS has been hardened to disallow the "su" command even running this with the root user account
Therefore the "su novlwww -c" command in the  "" will not work.