No patches or updates listed on Filr appliances

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  • 31-Jan-2019
  • 04-Feb-2019


Filr 3.0 Appliance
Search 3.0 Appliance
MySQL 3.0 Appliance


On a Filr 3 appliance (Filr,  Search or MySQL) there is a blank list of patches within the Filr, Lucene, and Database Management Consoles (https://<address>:9443 -> Online Update), no patches are listed under the Needed Patches.

This is valid for appliances that were already registered to an update channel, hosted on the NCC or SMT, and updated to any given patch level up to and including Filr 3.4.2.


An FTF has been released that delivers a required new build key.

After this FTF has been deployed to the Filr 3.0 Appliances (Filr, Search and MySQL), all relevant patches become available to be installed.


The new patches and the Filr update channels are signed with a newer build key. 
In order for the Filr 3.0 Appliances (Filr, Lucene and MySQL) to be able to list and obtain the available patches, they need to be provided with this new build key, which is available in the FTF download.

Without this FTF installed, Filr 3.0 Appliances can not be updated, no updates will show.

This is valid for Appliances connected directly to the NCC or Appliances which receive their updates via a Subscription Management Tool (SMT), SUSE Manager or similar Patch Channel Mirroring Service.

Additional Information

This new build key is required in order to obtain the Filr 3.4.3 update and later ones.

This should not affect fresh deployments or systems that are registered to re-registered with a patch server (NCC or a SMT). When the appliances are registered for the first time or re-registered via the Appliance Management Portal (port 9443) the underlying zypper process is instructed to automatically accept all GPG keys.

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