Azure Driver: IDMExchangeOnline - 400 Bad Request

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  • 28-Jan-2019
  • 30-Jan-2019


IDM 4.6x 
IDM 4.7x
Azure/Office 365 Driver
IDMExchangeOnline Service


Errors that might possibly be seen:

-Response code and message: 400 Bad Request
-The server encountered an error processing the request. See server logs for more details.

Situations that may be present when receiving these errors:

A second Azure driver installation connecting to the same Azure system
PSexecute code may be being used to execute a cmdlets on a second system.
IDMExchangeOnline service may be started for the first time.


Remove extra connections that are hitting the connection limit to Azure.
Use a different account with the second Azure Driver.
During troubleshooting of this particular error, additional connections to the server may have been initiated. Verify that less than 4 connections are made to the Azure system with the same User ID.


More Information:
The problem is that when you enable IDM Exchange online, the driver attempts to do a exchange online connection with O365/Azure. The number of connections here are limited to three per user account and the driver needs two. So if you are already connected to exchange in one driver and a second driver attempts to connect (with exchange), the second driver would not be allowed to connect because it would have exceeded the number of exchange connections. You may also see these errors with one driver but the user ID  is has other connections into Azure. This is a limitation imposed by Azure. You can negotiate more connections with Microsoft.
As a work around you could use another user account with your second driver. 

Secondly, regarding the powershell execution if you are using AD commandlets, make sure that you have installed the AD powershell module. This gets included by default in a domain controller but not on a member server.