Location of driver State files for Remote Loader and Azure driver

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  • 24-Jan-2019
  • 24-Jan-2019


Identity Manager - Remote Loader
Identity Manager Driver - Azure


Trying to delete the state files associated with the Azure driver but they are not located under the remote loader directory on Windows.


The state_*.xml files are managed by Remote Loader. The location of the state file is relative to the working directory of the Remote Loader instance (RLI).
 In case the RLI runs in Application mode, the position of the state xml will be same as the Remote Loader folder.
 If the RLI is configured to run as a service, the state xml would be created in C:\Windows\System32. This is because services in Windows are handled by Service Control Manager (services.exe). This application is located at %WinDir%\System32 (usually @ C:\Windows\System32).