Access Manager IDP X509 Tomcat Dual Connector setup works with legacy but not with latest login pages

  • 7023664
  • 23-Jan-2019
  • 30-Jan-2019


Access Manager 4.4
Access Manager 4.4.2
Access Manager 4.4.3


  • IDP server has been configured with x509 Dual Tomcat Connector as per documentation:
    "Configuring X.509 Authentication to Provide Access Manager Error Message"

  • A protected resource has been assigned to run the Secure/Name/Password Contract. When the IDP login page gets rendered at the browser client and the user decides to switch choosing the X509 authentication card from the list (local login) the error: "The Web Browser experienced an error that did not allow it to successfully initiate the request" will be returned

  • This problem happens with all browser types


  • disable IDP Session Assurance


  • IDP Session Assurance is not supported with the X509 Dual Tomcat connector setup