UEFI PXE boot stops after downloading nvlnbpx64.efi

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  • 14-Jan-2019
  • 14-Jan-2019


ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 3 Imaging


This document applies to the specific environment where the Novell Proxy DHCP service is not used, but the options 66/67 options in the DHCP configuration are used to point the device to the TFTP server/"nvlnbpx64.efi" file.

The boot process stops after downloading the nvlnbpx64.efi file


1. The preferable solution for this issue is to use the Novell Proxy DHCP service.
2. Contact Microfocus Customer Care for assistance in case Novell Proxy DHCP service cannot be used.


The code does not contain information which step needs to be done next after downloading the nvlnbpx64.efi.