Quickprint not honoring color and duplexing settings

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  • 14-Jan-2019
  • 14-Jan-2019


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 3.x
Micro Focus iPrint for OES 2015 SP1
Micro Focus iPrint for OES 2018


Changing the Color and Duplexing options are not honored when submitting a print job with QuickPrint.  The options can be changed and are saved, but the print job will always come out Black & White or always as a single page, regardless of the value of the settings.


Change the internal renderer driver from PCL to PostScript.
  • Go to the Management Console (https://servername:9443)
  • click the Manage iPrint Appliance tile
  • choose the Renderers link (left menu item)
  • highlight the iPrint Local Renderer
  • click the Edit button
  • Change the Default Printer Driver to the Generic PostScript Printer Foomatic/Postscript (recommended) driver.


The duplex and color settings are ignored when the PCL driver is selected.