SSPR Registration trough Access Manager Social Authentiction gives: "Provisioning of LDAP Attribute for Social Authentication user failed"

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  • 11-Jan-2019
  • 16-Jan-2019


Access Manager 4.4.2
Self Service Password Reset v. b404 r39600


Access Manager integrated with Self Service Password Reset under Identity Servers > Shared Settings > Self Service Password Reset.
On Self Service Password Reset side the integration was configured from Configuration Editor > Settings > Web Services > REST Services.

Social Authentication class/method/contract flow was defined.
Under "class" definition  the AutoProvisioning is done via SSPR ( check button )

Performing Social Authentication ( i.e. Google+ ) the IDP's catalina.out returns the error: "Provisioning of LDAP Attribute for Social Authentication user failed"

Method: SocialAuthClass.A

Thread: ajp-bio-

Error Message Resource Key: NIDPLOGGING.200104305

Request Attribute: error: Provisioning of LDAP Attribute for Social Authentication user failed.

tcpdump shows "HTTP/1.1 500  (application/json)" and following the TCP Stream you can see:

Error: unhandled Accept header value in request

and POST shows:

Accept: text/html, image/gif, image/jpeg, *; q=.2, */*; q=.2

The initial call to SSPR API fails because Accept header do not include application/json type, and the rest-signing-form must be application/json

POST /sspr/public/rest/signing/form HTTP/1.1

content-type: application/json

Check documentation here: /sspr/public/reference/rest.jsp#rest-signing-form.


Migrated to Access Manager 4.4.3 the issue do not occours anymore.


Reported to Engineering