Is there a limit for number of characters set in GroupWise password?

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  • 11-Jan-2019
  • 11-Jan-2019


GroupWise 18


There was a specific question regarding a GroupWise password length set from a client for a resource mailbox. Since the resource mailbox does not have any Directory counterpart object, neither you can set it via gwadmin console, you must set it from a proxy access into the resource mailbox using GroupWise client.


GroupWise client supports max 32 characters. You can still set longer password via Tools | Options | Security | Password, but then when you try to login directly into this mailbox, you get invalid credentials problem.
You must access then the resource mailbox from the owner mailbox via proxy and then in Tools | Options | Security | Password, type Old password and then you will be able to click on Clear Password button or set new, up to 32 chars long password.