LDAP Proxy bind fail when LDAP v2 is used.

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  • 09-Jan-2019
  • 16-Jan-2019


LDAP Proxy v1.5.2


A new application is connected via LDAP proxy and the following error is seen in the LDAP Proxy log.

LDAP: IN-CONN Received LDAP Bind Request #2
LDAP: IN-CONN LDAP Bind Request: Unsupported LDAP protocol version 2, 0x81590101(LDAP: version not supported)
LDAP: IN-CONN LDAP response 0x61:2 received protocol err, closing LDAP connection.
SESSION: 2 LDAP Protocol Session destroyed. Total number of current session's = 0.
LDAP: IN-CONN connection preparing to stop.
LDAP: IN-CONN LDAP session closed.
LDAP: IN-CONN Sending internal LDAP Response, result code: 2, error message: Protocol error (version not supported). 0x0


LDAPv2 is no longer recommended and the application should use LDAPv3.


LDAP Proxy does not implement LDAPv2 as per https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3494.