Error: "Tree or server not found" with Client for OES SP4 IR11

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  • 07-Jan-2019
  • 07-Jan-2019


Open Enterprise Server 2015 SP1
Open Enterprise Sever 2018
Client for Open Enterprise Sever SP4 IR 11


When trying to log in using the Client for Open Enterprise Server credential provider or with the Client for OES system tray icon on the Windows desktop, the error "Tree or Server not found" is seen. The error occurs whether the tree/server name is used, or if the IP address is used.

This error is only seen with new HP laptops.
Other laptops and workstations work fine.
SLP is properly configured.


There are two solutions:

1. Disable the "LiveQoS NDIS 6 Filter Driver" in the Network Connection Provider Order. See TID 7000693.
2. Remove HP Velocity software from the laptop.


The driver (IPEAKLWF.SYS) shipped with this software is blocking the Client traffic.