Link created after the server install does not work when remoted into the server using SSH

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  • 21-Dec-2018
  • 21-Dec-2018


GroupWise 18.1


The link created after the server install (https://servername:9710/gwadmin-console/install...etc) is what does not work when remoted into the server using ssh.  It doesn't respond when running Firefox from the GW server remote session.

1. ssh -X to the groupwise server.
2. open a firefox session on the remote server.
3. run the server install.
4. run the server config, the link is displayed.

click on the link and nothing happens.

As an additional point information. When installed on SLES11 servers, which was configured with kde, konquerer was tried, which initiated repetitive konqueror instances until all were stopped. Otherwise it would go on creating new sessions until it locked up the server.


This has been reported to engineering.  

The current workaround is:

From the remote Linux server, the ability to browse to "https://....:9710/gwadmin-console/install/index.jsp" worked.

The web page prompts for "gwadmin-ipc authorize ...." to be run.

Running that command from the remote terminal will cause the browser to continue on to the configuration page.