IDM and 2019 Oracle Java Licensing Requirements

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  • 20-Dec-2018
  • 26-Dec-2018


Identity Manager 4.7
Identity Manager 4.6
Identity Manager Previous Versions


Oracle is requiring licensing for use of Oracle Java in production environments beginning 2019.   How does this affect Identity Manager as it uses Java?


Oracle announced the following significant changes to their support roadmap for Oracle JDK;
1.    January 2019, Oracle will stop releasing Oracle JDK 8 updates that are publicly available for free commercial use
2.    Oracle plans for JDK 11 or subsequent releases will not include a free public, commercial or otherwise distribution.
3.    A license will be required to redistribute any new release of the Oracle JDK in order to obtain support and security updates.

Due to these licensing restrictions Micro Focus has adopted the strategy of using Azul OpenJDK for future patches and releases of products. This enables us to continue to offer immediate updates for improvements, bug fixes and security fixes to bundled JDK components without concern for licensing fees. For the following releases and forward, Micro Focus will bundle/include the Azul OpenJDK and discontinue distribution of Oracle JDK.

iManager 3.1.2
NetIQ Identity Manager 4.7.2
NetIQ Identity Manager 4.6.4
Identity Governance 3.5

Questions and answers:

1. Will Micro Focus release updates for Oracle JDK 8 or JDK 11 for Identity Manager?

Answer: No, Identity Manager will be distributing the Azul Open JDK moving forward. Any improvements, fixes and security concerns will be addressed based on the Azul Open JDK.

2. What if you are using an older version of Java (release prior to January 2019) in Identity Manager? Will you be responsible for any additional license fees?

Answer: No. Only newer updates specific to Oracles JDK that are post January 2019 require and licensing. Further, the vendor that redistributes the Oracle JDK is responsible for the licensing. If you are using a version of Oracle JDK prior to January 2019, no additional licensing is required

3. What happens if there are security concerns or CVEs reported in the version of Oracle JDK in use?

Answer:   If there are new CVEs found or reported in the older versions of JDK, you will need need to apply a Identity Manager patch that includes the Azul Open JDK.  (eDirectory 9.1.2, IDM 4.7.2, IDM 4.6.4, or later).   IDM will not be making patches / fixes for older versions of Oracle Java.

4.  What if I want to patch my server running Identity Manager to the newest version of Oracle Java?

Answer:   Then you will be required to obtain the corresponding Oracle Java license for it.    Identity Manager will not be tested with new releases of Oracle Java after 31 December 2018.  So you would be in an unsupported configuration.   Use at your own risk!