Error: Failed to configure MARS SSL

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  • 19-Dec-2018
  • 25-Jun-2019


GroupWise Messenger 18
GroupWise Messenger 18.1
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Service Pack 3 (SLES 12 SP3)


  • Upon install getting the Error:
Configuring MARS security...Error: Failed to configure MARS SSL.
  • Upon install getting the Error:
Creating objects...Error initializing database connection: 0xB41C
Failed. Error connecting or authenticating to the database.
  • MARS won't start
  • Using cert from a trusted CA


1.  Change to the /opt/novell/messenger/certs directory

2.  Open the arangod.pem file

3.  Check to make sure the file is in the correct format so that the end of the key and the beginning of the cert are on different lines


Correct format:                   
-----END RSA KEY-----           

Incorrect format:

4.  If the arangod.pem is in the incorrect format as in the example above, you will need to edit the original key file that you point to in the configuration of messenger. Edit the key file so there is and extra blank line underneath the 
-----END RSA KEY----- line

5. Save the key file once the blank line has been added

6. Change to the /opt/novell/messenger directory and run ./

7. Follow the prompts


If there is not a blank line under the -----END RSA KEY----- then the installer won't concatenate the files correctly causing the install to fail.

Additional Information

This has been reported to engineering and should be fixed in an upcoming release of GroupWise Messenger. Please contact Customer Support for more information if needed.