How to Block a Message Via Email Address in SMG

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  • 18-Dec-2018
  • 07-Jan-2019


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) 7


How to create a filter to block a message via email address in SMG.


In order to block a message by email address, do the following:

1) On the Inbound Mail Filter Policy | Filters, drag down an Email Address node to the workbench. Note: You can edit the 'Email Address' field to rename it, by clicking on the name.

2) Click on the icon on the left of this node to edit it. Select 'Scan sender address', if you want to block the sender. (If you want to block the recipient, select 'Scan recipient address').  Type in the address with either the full email address or a wildcard in front of the domain. For example:, *, or *
NOTE: Make sure the correct address is entered. The address that SMG will compare this list to is the Return-path line found in the mime header of the original email. This from address is sometimes different than the one that is viewed in the email client.

3) Link the new Email Address node to the block node. You can also link it to the quarantine node, if you want a copy kept in the quarantine as well.

Messages from this email address should now get blocked by SMG.