drbd-overview gives "NOTE: drbd-overview will be deprecated soon."

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  • 17-Dec-2018
  • 17-Dec-2018


SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension 12


In SLE11 and before it was possible to check the status of drbd with

   cat /proc/drbd
in SLE12 there is the command

while the output of /proc/drbd is essentially useless in SLE12.

with SLE12 and after an update drbd-utils-9.4 there might be a note like

   animal:~ # drbd-overview
   NOTE: drbd-overview will be deprecated soon.
   Please consider using drbdtop.

but there is no drbdtop application. Also this might break scripts that parse the output of drbd-overview

This misleading comment will be fixed in later versions.


The tools that can be better used for checking the status of DRBD in SLE 12 are

   drbdadm status

   drbdsetup status -vs
the difference being the depth of the information provided
   animal:~ # drbdadm status
   sap_ascs role:Secondary
     aberfeldy role:Primary


   animal:~ # drbdsetup status -vs
   sap_ascs node-id:1 role:Secondary suspended:no
     volume:0 minor:0 disk:UpToDate quorum:yes
         size:5242044 read:0 written:8192 al-writes:0 bm-writes:0 upper-pending:0 lower-pending:0 al-suspended:no blocked:no
     aberfeldy node-id:0 connection:Connected role:Primary congested:no
       volume:0 replication:Established peer-disk:UpToDate resync-suspended:no
         received:8192 sent:0 out-of-sync:0 pending:0 unacked:0

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