How to export users from GMS.

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  • 13-Dec-2018
  • 13-Dec-2018


GroupWise Mobility Service 18
GroupWise Mobility Service 2014 R2


You need to have a list of users from webadmin console of GMS.


There is no direct tool which can do export users from GMS system.
If you need to get a user list, you must do it from a database export only:

1. Login into PSQL environment:

psql -U datasync_user mobility

2. Redirect output of any command into a txt file:

\o /tmp/gms-user-list.txt;

3. Get a user list from users table:

select name from users;

4. Exit PSQL environment


5. You can view a list of exported users in /tmp/gms-user-list.txt on the GMS server.