How to Block Email with no Subject or a Blank Subject

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  • 06-Dec-2018
  • 06-Dec-2018


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) 7


Spam is getting in with a blank subject, what is a good way to block these?


In order to block messages with a blank subject, or no subject line at all, do the following:

1) On the Inbound Mail Filter Policy (or whatever it was named) | Filters drag down 'Message Text' node to the workbench.

2) Click on the icon on the left of the node to edit it. Check the box for 'Look in message subject' and add the following string: /.+/   Click OK.

3) Click on the name of this filter to rename it to something like Blank Subject. This is a good idea to prevent other filters from accidentally getting added to it. A note such as 'no subject' can be added, as seen in the image below step 4.

4) Click on the two arrows on the right side of the node and check the box to for 'Invert node logic'. Save changes.

5) Grab the orange dot on the right of this node and drag it to the 'Message block' node. Do the same for quarantine, if these are to be quarantined.

Messages with no subject line or a blank subject line will now get blocked.